St. Roch’s Chapel and Campo Santo

St. Roch (also Rock or Rocco) was born to a rich merchant family around 1350. He spent much of his life on pilgrimages. On one of these, he caught the black plague, but was fed in the woods by a dog. After that, he could cure plague sufferers.

His cult revived in the 19th century after the devastating outbreaks of cholera.  After church members in New Orleans survived a yellow fever epidemic in 1868, Father Thevis vowed to build a chapel to St. Roch. This was completed in 1876. Father Thevis is buried under the altar.

To the right of the chapel stands an Ex-Voto Room full of silver hands, feet, legs, and other body parts, a testament to cures attributed to the saint.

This unused postcard is dated 3/14/1915.

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