Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California

"Magnificent interior of the Hall of the Crucifixion, where, with accompanying music and narrative, visitors view Jan Styka’s 195-foot masterpiece, ‘The Crucifixion.’"

195 feet works out to 18 stories, so this painting would be 18 stories tall, if stood on end. 

To this day, Forest Lawn is a cemetery that denies death. Hubert Eaton, “The Builder,” didn’t want anything challenging or threatening or sad in his graveyard, so he forbade depictions of grief and sorrow. Even the painting of the Crucifixion has no death in it. The thieves have yet to be nailed to their crosses. Christ waits patiently for his sentence to be carried out. Forest Lawn’s literature hypes the painting as the only depiction in the world of Christ awaiting his martyrdom. Guess all those images of Christ at Gethsemane don’t count.

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