Epitaph on tombstone: “Daniel Stewart, Native of Nova Scotia, died at Copperopolis January 22, 1853 of injuries received by falling into a shaft 115 feet deep. aged 25 yr 2 mo 13 dys.”

The tombstone does not report why Stewart’s body was transported 26.5 miles in order to be buried.

Columbia became a California State Park in 1945.  Its buildings date to circa 1860, after a series of fires destroyed the early Gold Rush town. By 1860, most of the easily located gold had been gathered — and some of the buildings torn down so that their sites could be mined — and the vast amount of gold seekers moved on.  The town was never abandoned, so is not a true ghost town.

I’m not sure how to date this unused black-and-white postcard, except that it must be post-1945, after the foundation of the state park. 

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